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Our goal is to enable you to see where other patients with your same condition went for care, what doctors they saw, essentially what was the course of their care and most importantly-what was the outcome.

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    Find and communicate with other members who share the same diagnosis.

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    Write blogs detailing your health care experiences to share with other patients and caregivers.

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Anonymity is stressed and we do not share any member information with outside companies.


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Make friends and communicate via in-platform messaging.


User Posts

Share your treatment experiences, photos, and videos with the community thereby informing current and future patients.


Help Build A Global Medical Resource At PatientReaction.

PatientReaction is structured to function in a way that is easy for people to share their medical experiences. When using the platform to write your blogs, reactions your experiences will empower other patients and caregivers.

With time, we aim to amass a large amount of personal health care experiences dealing with every diagnosis that affects mankind. So, whether you are a patient or caregiver, share your entire health care journey on the platform no matter how brief it may have been because all experiences are equally important. We believe sharing your healthcare experiences will have a positive impact on patient outcomes.

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PatientReaction allows it's users to read about how others responded to the medical care they received in an open forum and enables direct communication regarding their treatment experiences.

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PatientReaction News

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Development User Interface

PatientReaction: Improving clinical outcomes via patient empowerment.

April 4th, 2023

To the entire PatientReaction family, we are extremely excited to share some updates with you today. We're dedicated to bringing convenience and efficiency to the sharing of your healthcare experiences and are thrilled to announce that we've reached a significant milestone in our journey.

Development Resource

PatientReaction, a medical social network?

December 15th, 2022

PatientReaction is setup as a resource for people who want to contribute and/or use it frequently to share their health care experiences.

Whether you use the platform daily or simply write a few blogs, your experiences will help others in need.